Law in NZ

The Judicial Use of International Human Rights Law in New Zealand by Andrew S Butler and Petra Butler

Immigration and Judicial Review in New Zealand

To the Lighthouse – Immigration and Judicial Review by Justice Susan Glazebrook

An article about testing the change to damascene.

A UN document highlighting NZ’s need to change its difficult legislation for asylum seekers and refugees.

See chapter by B Burson “Give Way to the Right: The Evolving Use of Human Rights in New Zealand Refugee Status Determination” in “Human Rights and the Refugee Definition” Bruce Burson and David Cantor ed.s (Brill Publishing, Netherlands 2016)

Judicial or administrative protection of asylum-seekers – content or form?’ By Rodger Haines QC. A paper presented to the International Association of Refugee Law Judges (IARLJ) at the World Conference, Stockholm, 21 April, 2005

Would I lie to You?’ by Daniel Chong – an assessment of credibility testing in the New Zealand Immigration Protection Tribunal. An analysis of IPT cases involving credibility assessments.

Convention Refugees in New Zealand: Being Trapped in Immigration Limbo Without the Right to Obtain a Visa. (Author: Saska Alexandria Hayes. A PDF file.)